And we’re Back!

It’s been so long since I wrote this feels like a homecoming of sorts. I’ve been through here’s and there’s that are too numerous to pen but I definitely will be dishing out the highlights in subsequent posts. In the meantime I have been enjoying the musings of some fresh bloggers I happened upon via Twitter, will list some so you can decided for yourself what you think of their writing.

 A lot has taken place in my life, my city and my country. If you love Kenya like I do you will agree that sometimes it feels surreal watching and hearing the things going on in our beloved Kenya currently. Normally I’d be on here furiously typing out my opinion on everything from the corruption allegations against MPs to the demise of our inspiring Dr. Wangari Maathai(Rest In Peace, Heroine, Champion of Club Do-Something-About-It and trailblazer for millions in activism everywhere), to the inflation that seems to be high on a yet undiscovered substance and the current war…situation. These past months however I took a step back to survey (and pray) over the goings on. Prices of things fluctuate so much it makes me feel like I’ve lived four lifetimes in one and lived to tell the story, not to mention the insecurity levels that constantly re-invent themselves from ‘simple’ muggings to gang rape and murder and unexplained disappearances, no locale within the city excluded.

Feel free to visit The Greenbelt Movement site and see how this badge can help you honour the late Dr. Maathai’s cause>>

This is not to mean I’ve been living in fear, no, I’ve had my share of being out and about. It just means that what I have to take into consideration before going somewhere like transport, timings and location are really starting to give in to pale in comparison to the option of a relaxed night in especially after work weeks like the ones that seem to be an everyday occurrence nowadays. That’s been another issue; I get home sometimes and I could swear my room has moved a few inches farther than it was in the morning! Days morph into weeks, weeks melt into months and the only trick I have up my sleeve nowadays is sneaking a random weekend getaway from the city-to a haven where deadlines, meetings, reports and must-attend-do’s take a back seat for a few blissful day. Of course these getaways aren’t as many as I’d like nor do they come at exactly the right time but they are the silver lining, no doubt!

Ever watched the movie 27 Dresses? I’m living it and probably at 37 by now. I am sure there is a memo circulating that hasn’t reached me yet and If I were to guess it goes something like,

“To … it is officially open wedding season and there’s only a few months left so grab a date and a bride/groom and have at it”, Signed, the Universe!!


I wish all the happy couples long, loving, blessed and fun nuptials but if I don’t participate in another wedding for several long minutes, the earth will rotate a little easier on its axis and that is the truth!

Through the writer’s block period I was harshly reminded every day that I didn’t buckle down and write, just how much of an anchor putting pen to paper is for me. In primary school, science class to be precise, we learned about earthing- define. Well, my pen “earths” my thoughts onto paper and that’s what eventually shows up here. Yes, I am of that dying breed that first drafts everything on good old paper before typing out, my thoughts feel much more connected to the resulting words that way. Yes, they (my thoughts) told me that 😉

MUSIC. My other form of release.



So now my two loves can co-exist as I get back to telling you what I think, feel, am learning and know, Mwixelligently of course! 😉

Check out the musings of Snippets of My Life-esp TGIF by @kawiriaFikira Zangu by @buoghaNanjira: Confessions of Aquila by@ninanjira and feel free to share any others that you like. All rather likable Kenyans 😉


STILL RIDING HIGH ON THIS ONE (bonus for reading till the very end of this very long post 😉

8 thoughts on “And we’re Back!

  1. lol on getting to the 37 after the 27 dresses, tell me about it. Nice read and thanks much 🙂

    Earthing, that makes two of us, but the bit for writing it down first, maybe for pointers if it’s something pretty intellectual. Now we should be seeing a post more often than not…yeah #Pressure.

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