…where were we?

A new day dawns. I love Fridays so it’s a v.e.r.y good day indeed. I have been silent for a while and then some. It happens sometimes. That time, I think, has come to an end. Maybe I was waiting for this day (subconsciously, because this was definitely NOT planned); maybe I was meant to write this right this moment. Whatever the reason, it’s the beginning of so many beginnings this page cannot hold them all.

It has been a well lived year, yes, I know, we are only but mid-year or thereabouts, but the amount of living that has gone into it is indescribable. So many memories made, so many lessons learned, so many experiences had – these will be detailed here over subsequent weeks.

There is sweetness and sadness in every circumstance, even when we only see one side of the mirror. It really depends on where you choose to focus. Today, I focus on the sweet side of things. And I’m praying I hold my gaze πŸ™‚ Much like this little gem I found on the world wide web >>

Here’s to freshness and sweetness! And lots of tea πŸ˜‰

PS: Feels good to be back!!

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