Necessity, invention and everything in between!

Those nights when sleep eludes to the point where you question your specific origins…mammal or otherwise 😉

Which brings me to the content of my post…where sleep hides, words reside. Where warmth is absent, the cold seeps in and we are forced to wrap ourselves in blankets and drink hot beverages and shield ourselves from the icy wind. Since time immemorial, really, the absence of something meant that a gifted human somewhere would “discover” a way to combat the presented challenge, true? False!


This gifted person would most probably be a frustrated, exhausted and angry person who needed to solve said problem so as to live more peacefully. This is not to take away from the great genius minds that invented the telephone, microwaves (the actual waves not the home appliance – then again, that too), binary code, electric heaters, cars and the list is inexhaustible.


Closer home, tough times call for tougher measures. In that same vein of insomnia presenting a resting challenge, as it often does in my case, my mind runs through endless possibilities of things to accomplish before that first attack of real sleep hits. I usually get a whole lot done in the wee hours of the night and keep it here for you may yet see the next “big thing” as a result of those restless nights (I wish). Often times I employ various home made solutions to things one notices when the world is asleep; for instance, the reality that lots of creepy crawlies do come out to play in the dark. Now, I can squish a spider along with the best of them, but when it comes to those reptilian creatures called geckos, for the life of me, I freeze! They’re barely longer than my middle finger but that slapping noise their cold-blooded bodies makes along the floor or the “chik chak” noise they make as they call out to each other simply gives me the heebeedeejeebies! Nonetheless, on one of those sleep-deprived nights and having decided that I’m not a fan of having them as room mates; I turned to trusty old Google. What did I have around the house that would get rid of them without us having to be in contact? Unfortunately, all listed consults included the use of my hands- and that was simply unacceptable- at the time.

To cut a very long, drawn out, painstaking story short, due to necessity and an abundance of unsightly gecko poo, I am now rather adept at dispensing of the critters with barely a blink however, and this is for the animal lover reading this, my intentions are noble and little to no pain is inflicted on them in the process. I digress. This whole exercise had me thinking that without the lack of sleep, there would have been no noticing of the presence of the geckos and therefore no need to eliminate them. In a similar thought process, I have taken to observing what else I use to carry out seemingly simple activities and duly pay homage to all who went before us, discovered their “gecko” and devised a method of dealing with them that has been passed on and refined and is currently in use by our generation, rather nonchalantly, I might add.

I do not claim any genius in my method, make no mistake, but I am more aware of the centuries-old steps taken by humans long gone in efforts to make the lives we now live a whole lot easier; and I truly appreciate necessity along with its role in invention.


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